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Relocation Services

We are very sensitive to the needs of guest workers and recognize that their priority should be focused on their commitment to your organization with as little distraction as possible to becoming settled into a new environment. We make the relocation process as seamless as possible.
Our responsibility is to the employer that engages our services. The needs of the employee and their family will be accommodated within the instructions we receive from the employer.
The services we offer are customized to the individual, however outlined below are a list of the type of services we offer.
1. Secure transportation to the temporary accommodation
2. Co-ordination of deliveries of furniture and personal items
3. Securing temporary accommodations within the employer/employee budget
4. Securing long term accommodation within the employer/employee budget
5. Assisting with securing utilities
6. Assisting with personal banking needs- introductions to appropriate bank officials
7. General orientation to the island, its services and traditions. Materials supplied.
8. Orientation to schools or daycare where appropriate
9. Introduction to volunteer organizations
1 0. Facilitate securing a drivers license and driving lessons
11 .Assist with securing motorcycles and cars
1 2.Assist with securing furniture, either new or re-owned
1 3.Securing personal and motor insurance
1 4.Other services are available upon request

Our fees for the above mentioned complete services are based on 50% of the employee’s gross salary. Our minimum rate is $2,000, plus expenses incurred for the employee.
Selected services are also available at our rate of $1200 per day and $600 per half day. Our minimum rate is for a half day.

Terms of engagement
One third of the agreed amount is due on securing a letter of engagement. The second installment is due upon arrival of the employee to Bermuda. The final installment is due within 2 weeks of the employee’s arrival to Bermuda.

There is a greater degree of flexibility when negotiating a long term service agreement or arranging for multiple employees within a stated period.

Expense recovery
The employee is usually responsible for payment of necessary fees for connection to utilities, drivers license etc. however we are prepared to make all necessary payments and bill the employer as necessary. Reimbursement to the employer can be arranged by the employee through payroll deduction. This extra service must be agreed to in the letter of engagement with the employer. This service would be subject to our 5% disbursement fee.
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