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Rental Properties

Property Management

 We offer a comprehensive property management policy, which includes:

A. General Administration

1. Work very closely with the owners.

2. Actively oversee building and grounds maintenance.

3. Frequent site inspections and issue work instructions.

4. Prompt and effective response to all inquiries.

5. Liaise with all specialists to ensure premises are well maintained.

6. Maintain accurate information.


B. Bookkeeping

1. Provide a comprehensive collection and reporting service.

2. Provide arrears collection service.

3. Timely bank deposits.

4. Prepare regular financial statements.

5. Prepare Annual Financial Reports and Cash Flow projections.

6. Prompt payment of approved bills.

7. Arrange client's bank overdrafts and loans.


C. Rental Management

Our primary and fiduciary responsibility is to the landlord.

We provide the following services;

 1. Timely collection of rents.

2. Monies deposited in bank account or mailed as per instructions.

3. All inquiries dealt with quickly and professionally.

4. Repairs and renovations supervised and inspected.

5. Prospective tenants will be properly screened.

6. Monthly statements will include copies of all payments.

7. Leases and rents reviewed regularly.

8. Delinquent accounts dealt with promptly.

9. Lease late payment provisions enforced.

10. Regular site inspections.


D. Our Management Fees

1.       Fees vary on the different components of the property.  Our fee for the services outlined above would be

         $40.00 to $60.00 per month per unit.  The rate varies depending on the level of service requested. 

2.       Our hourly rate is $60.00 for work on an “as needed” basis.

3.       Monthly statements are issued to owners.

4.       Correspondence, disbursements and supervision of work are subject to a fee of 5%, or $100.00 per hour,

          whichever is less for the owners, beyond the negotiated minimum of 6 per month. 

5.       Normal disbursements to the owners are not subject to fees.

6.       A one-time startup fee of $300.00 will be applied to set up the accounts and transfer all records to our attention.

7.       Your funds will be kept under a totally separate set of bank accounts that ensures full accountability of all funds.



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