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Our 10 years of fundraising experience has involved all aspects of development from running successful fairs, raffle sales, multi-million dollar capital campaigns and managing special events with hundreds of participants and scores of service providers.

Background Information
To provide effective service, we must be provided with as much background material as is available and ensure that we have an accurate assessment of the overall scope of the project.

Feasibility Study
For capital campaigns, a feasibility study is required to ensure the depth of community support.
That normally entails the client securing 40
+ appointments in an 8-1 0 day basis that would
measure confidentially the depth of support for the project from the prospective donors.

Letter of Engagement
Depending on the level of support required a one week retainer would accompany the letter of engagement.

Major capital campaign schedule
A major capital campaign would normally require:
Two week feasibility study to interview 40-50 potential leadership donors
One week set to identify your SWOT: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats, review business plans, secure presentation materials and brief volunteers on the romance of fund raising
After the necessary recommendations had been implemented, this would be followed approximately a month latter by one week of strategy implementation
One half day to full day every 2 weeks during the height of the campaign.
Debriefing at the end would entail a week with the board and the fundraising participants to ensure significant feedback.
We normally envision our services being required for 8 weeks over a 2 year capital campaign.
Customization of services and assistance by volunteers/staff can reduce the time required significantly.

Our 17 years of experience in education ensures that our presentations to your board members and potential donors are clear, concise and comprehensive.

We offer advancement seminars on:
establishing and maintaining an effective board of directors
the romance of fund-raising
donor recruitment and maintenance.

At the end of each scheduled visit, we would provide a written progress report and measurable benchmarks to achieve future success.

Our fees for the above services are $1200 per day plus expenses incurred. Our fee per half day is $600. Our minimum rate is a half day.

We do not advocate hiring a consultant on the basis of a percentage of funds raised. We feel that this is unprofessional and would exclude a large segment of the giving community from full participation.

Your concern is our concern, if something is bothering you, call and we will help resolve it.


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