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Comprehensive Accounting Service. 

Our accountant has over 30 years of experience in keeping accurate records.

1. Computerised accounts which includes the following:

            a. General ledgers

            b. Reconcile cash accounts

            c. Monthly Trial Balance

2. Financial Statements

            a. Annual financial statement provided.

            b. Monthly or quarterly statements available.

3. Additional services;

            a. Computerized Payroll

            b. Monthly billing

            c. Collections

            d. Deposits

4. Our bookkeeping fees vary on the various components of the services required; however as a guideline, we charge $100.00 per hour for the services outlined above.

5. A one-time startup fee of $300.00 will be applied to set up the accounts. This would be waived if the work entails property management as outlined above that is secured at the same time.  Each account will be assessed on its own merits to determine a management agreement.




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